Bugcrowd at AusCERT2021

Warming up...

 T minus 15 minutes! @AusCERT #auscert2021 pic.twitter.com/5Rnyz0cVe2— cje (@caseyjohnellis) May 12, 2021 

Shocking the crew with a suit

 @caseyjohnellis in a suit???? #AusCERT2021 pic.twitter.com/z9ekjqvM3W— Nigel Phair (@nphair) May 12, 2021 

The opening keynote

 How can SOAR help a security transformation program? Great panel with Tony Kitzelmann from @AirservicesNews, James Young from @splunk , @girlgerms from @Microsoft and @caseyjohnellis from @Bugcrowd at @AusCERT 2021 #AusCERT2021 pic.twitter.com/ZDUBi2sucB— Don McKenzie (@TheDonMcKenzie) May 12, 2021 

Talk on Crowdsourced Security in Financial Services

 @caseyjohnellis's thoughts on bugs: Broke: Total bug bounty payouts as vanity metric by companies.

Woke: Required payouts as a business metric for cost of attack (To put it another way, higher bounties netting fewer vulnerabilities means attackers have higher costs) #AusCERT2021 pic.twitter.com/fm7ofUCpLj— Jeremy Kirk (@Jeremy_Kirk) May 13, 2021 

 Fantastic presentation from @caseyjohnellis on the value of crowdsourced security at @AusCERT 2021 #AusCERT2021 pic.twitter.com/49YHWpcCNa— Don McKenzie (@TheDonMcKenzie) May 13, 2021 

Troy Hunt doing an interesting AMA on haveibeenpwned.com

 now up: @troyhunt doing a @haveibeenpwned AMA #auscert2021 pic.twitter.com/rRs782iVY1— cje (@caseyjohnellis) May 13, 2021 

Ciaran Martin of NCSC talking through why we should all just chill out a little and get on with the job

 the legendary @ciaranmartinoxf giving his keynote at #auscert2021 pic.twitter.com/Cv5AeYVBlz— cje (@caseyjohnellis) May 13, 2021 

Gala dinner and easily the best pirate band I've ever heard

 ALL RISE FOR THE NATIONAL ANTHEM pic.twitter.com/s9ZT8yon76— cje (@caseyjohnellis) May 13, 2021 

Speed debate to close the event

 speed debate time at #auscert2021... once again I find myself forced to argue in favor of completeness of the cfaa 😬 pic.twitter.com/llEeGcwyDs— cje (@caseyjohnellis) May 14, 2021 

...and done

 ...and done. pic.twitter.com/o58dfzRlIL— cje (@caseyjohnellis) May 14, 2021