You know that awkward thing at the moment when you see someone and go to shake their hand or hug them, then pull away… and then feel like a jerk because of the implied social signal?

Is this bow too close?

Literally the entire world is going through versions of that right now.

If I keep kissing on both cheeks will we end up like Italy?

Cultural greetings and traditions that we take for granted often have weird origins – The 1918 pandemic gave us “God bless you” when people sneeze, and the handshake has its origins in the Wild West to show someone that you weren’t armed.

What the hell are us Eskimos meant to do… Everyone thinks the nose thing is super cute.

This situation will play out in two phases – The crisis phase, and the normalized phase.

Did my comrade properly sanitize the outside of this shot of Vodka?

I’m praying, hoping, and acting for the best health and economic outcomes from #covid19, but the scale and diversity of the lasting impressions it will leave in the normalized phase are pretty mind-blowing thing to consider.