What a day! (Bugcrowd Series B)

So, Bugcrowd announced some pretty big news today… We closed our Series B financing of $15M, announced some amazing new partners in Salesforce and Industry Ventures.

Here’s what it looked like on the inside…

For those who haven’t done this before, it’s the CEO’s job to raise cash — and today’s announcement feels like the “it is finished” moment for several months of challenging and exciting work.

The day consisted of a lot of social media and press stuff, a tonne of “no thanks” to bright eyed recruiters and real-estate agents (we do all of that in-house), a few client visits, and a visit and dinner with Art Coviello, former chairman of RSA and a phenomenal member of our board.

It was a fun day… Exhausting, exhilarating and elating are the three words that best describe it.

I feel like I’ve said thanks a million times — At last rough count I was up near 500 people who’ve pinged publicly and privately to congratulate us and egg us on into the next phase of growth — but before I crash out here are a few last thank you’s…

  • Viv. You’re my co-pilot, confidant, best friend and true co-founder.

  • The kids. Thanks for being amazing startup backpack babies. Your mum and I are doing all of this for you two.

  • My “original gangster” co-founders Chris and Serg. Thanks for saying yes… We wouldn’t be here without you guys.

  • My exec team. I’m continually humbled, honored, challenge, and straight-up empowered by you. Let’s mess shit up.

  • My “strike team” go-to folks within Bugcrowd who have been critical to getting all of this done. You know who you are.

  • The marketing and comms team at Bugcrowd who worked their collective asses of to get our story out there today. We made waves, not ripples — Well done.

  • Our investors and board members, old and new. We are honored by your vote of confidence, and excited to continue to partner.

  • The security community. Seriously, Bugcrowd is so much fun mostly because I freaking love you guys.

  • The Aussie infosec crew, and especially those who let me chew their ears off back in the day with crazy idea-rants, parts of which became Bugcrowd

  • The Aussie startup crew. You inspired this. I hope our success so far is returning that favor.

That’s it for now. Watch this space 😉