what is disposable email and why do i care

One of the complaints I hear ALL THE TIME goes something like this…

 Ugh, I have so much SPAM in my inbox… Even with filtering I still spend about half my time sorting through it all… How’d did all these people even get my email in the first place? 

I’ll tell you how. You know that time when you saw the FREE OFFER and all you had to do was give them your email address? Or the time when you found that really interesting article that you had to sign up or register to see. Or that trial software… etc, etc, etc.

While many business (like mine) take your information privacy seriously and respect it, there are even MORE out there that collect your email address for the sole purpose of reselling it to those lovely folk that have been sending you all that SPAM.

The solution? Disposable email. The concept is simple – Whenever you sign up to something that DOESN’T ABSOLUTELY NEED your proper email address you use a disposable email provider. Disposable email providers accept ALL of the email that is sent to them, and display it without a password for everyone to see. Sounds terrible right? But if all you want is the link to download that trial software it’s a PERFECT solution.

Here’s how it works:

  1. The next time you are asked for an email address instead of your real one you type [email protected]. The website tells you the “the link for your download has been sent to your email address”

  2. You go to www.mailinator.com and put the email address you just used into the box.

  3. Voila! There’s your email with the download link. (Make sure you scan that software with antivirus before you install it mmmkay?)

Here are a few providers to check out:

Try them out – You’ll get what I mean.