fyi - you are probably an entrepreneur

Entrepreneur… It’s honestly one of my favorite words. There’s something so empowering and liberating about it – a label and a title that affords the wearer freedom and creativity in business…

What I DON’T like about the word is the sense of exclusivity around it, like it’s some high-bar country club for the “special business people”, those who are exceptionally intelligent, or those who have the “business gift”.

The word “entrepreneur” comes from two French words – entre (to enter) and prendere (to take). These two words were linked together in “entreperende”, which literally means “to undertake”, or “to start something”. The term was said to be coined by the French economist “Jean-Baptiste Say”, the same guy who came up with the phrase “If you build it, they will come.”

So here’s the thing – if you have started something… ANYTHING… in business you are an entrepreneur.