Great expectations

What are your expectations for your life? Are you who you want to be? Does the question make you cringe and spiral into regret and self flagellation?

Where did your expectation come from in the first place?

Pull them apart and take a look… Many times I’ve pulled apart the expectation I’ve been kicking myself for not meeting only to realize that I wasn’t the one who set it in the first place. Why the heck do I waste time feeling bad and wrapping myself in regret when for not clearing the bar, when the bar I’ve failed to clear was set by watching too many Coke commercials, or absorbed from a movie screen, or set by the culture of people that I don’t even want to be like (or even those I do want to be like)?

I hear stuff like “I should have been married by now”, or “I should have sorted that issue out by now”, or “I should have been earning this by now”. I these are things you aspire to, then great, go for them with everything you’ve got – but don’t waste time moping about and beating yourself up because you’ve failed to meet the expectations you’ve set, and don’t make the mistake of compromising and settling for second best because you feel like time is running out. You haven’t missed your chance to make something great out of that area of your life.

This is not a judgment call on anyone, not at all – as I said this stuff is all a product of the journey I am on at the moment, and if anything I am most passionate about removing this from my own life, I am just so tired of seeing beautiful people with beautiful lives and incredible potential get ripped off by lies and self condemnation because they haven’t “cleared a bar” that they were never meant to clear in the first place.

Life is meant to be an adventure and a journey of exploration and conquest.