#HSC2022 in Pics

Welcome to DEF CON 30!

Amazingly, in spite of knowing @beaker from Clouderati days and having been in the same places dozens of times before, we'd never had a proper 1:1 jam before - It was glorious.

The legendary @amitelazari talking policy, as she does, at the Intel booth at Blackhat.

A wild @fransrosen appears!

And a wild @synick appears too - I was fortunate to get some solid hang time in with this guy throughout the week, he's an incredible human.

Caution: Hacker. (This shirt was Bugcrowd's last HSC tee before COVID, and it felt pretty great to throw it back on)

Caution: Australians.

Biggest love for this guy - @nnwakelam is permanently 16/17 years old in my head until I see him IRL and am continually floored at how far he has come as a hacker, a leader, and a genuine role-model for up and comers.

After probably 7 years of trying to get IRL but failing, I finally got to have a beverage with @imhaxormad (Big ups to him for the Nepalese translation on https://policymaker.disclose.io!)

"Of all the gin joints in all the world" with @weldpond

The man, the myth, the irrepressibly handsome @dcuthbert <3

"Oppositional Defiance as-a-Service" with @gadievron

@sasi2103 is another one of those hackers in the bug bounty space who feels like they've been around forever, and just continues to innovate, learn knew stuff, and kick ass.

First time IRLs with @bsysop and at the bug bash event.

Afterparty following the two bug bash live hacking events Bugcrowd put on during HSC2022.


Shoutout to @drunkrhin0 for snagging me a nice h4xory bio shot in front of the TVs <3

Yes, I got caught outside in the Vegas storms on Wednesday. It was glorious but SUPER wet.

Rooftop times with Jason Shirk, one of the true OG in getting bug bounty up and going back in the day.

It really was a pretty baller rooftop...

First time IRL with @fox0x01, and always awesome to see @dguido and @mdowd!


Always great to bump into @phillipwylie as he cavorts around the countryside teaching hackers how to be awesome <3

The Airbus demo system at the Aviation Village at DEF CON.

Short but sweet catchup with @carfucar at the Car Hacking Village, if you're into or interested in automotive security and don't follow this guy, you definitely should.

More Oppositional Defiance as-a-Service with @mercuryiss, @g33kseed, and @planzi.

My good mate in the policy and Hack The Planet trenches @beauwoods - The amount of work this guy and his team put into the Policy Department was extraordinary, and it paid off.

A wild @zephyrfish appears (complete with @beauwoods photobomb).

A few of my favorite hackers (Props to @andrew__morris of @greynoise for picking these folks up!)

Riffing on ideas like old days with Bugcrowd OG @dantrauner and Bugcrowd Head of Data Science Ian Conway.

Moar car h4xory connections with @mintynet and his sidekick <3

@sickcodes rocking the locknote talk with his John Deere pwns at DEF CON (and no, for the last time, we're not brothers :'))

Faz and I both looking a little dusty but still vertical on the last day.


Gorgeous Vegas skyline.

Getting ready for the offensive tooling export control panel with @lizwharton and @k8em0.

Some of my favorite swag from the Policy Department - Huge shoutout to @rororah!