life is learning

The single greatest personal skill in business is the ability to learn.

The second greatest personal skill in business is to be able to adapt and apply that learning into any given situation.

A person who knows stuff, but refuses to learn stuff will not be able to adapt to a changing environment. A person who doesn’t know stuff, but is a skilled learner and possesses the wisdom to apply that learning will adapt, master, and conquer any environment. I’m talking about all areas here – technical skills, people skills, diplomacy skills, sales skills, whatever. He who can adapt, wins.

Here’s a challenge for you. One of the life principles I work off is this:

 “You can learn something from every single person you interact with.” 

So, try it. Every person you interact with. Tomorrow.

What’s amazing is the things you learn about yourself doing this, your prejudices, your insights (and lack of insight in certain areas), the things that hold you back from progress which are hidden away in the lives of people you have not yet made a decision to glean from.


Let me know how it goes.