Loving what you do

You gotta love what you do…

Whether it’s outworking purpose in what you put your hand to, relishing the fact you are learning and growing, the rush of pioneering and being a free agent, or sitting under the wisdom and perspective of years you’ve not yet lived… no matter what it is you find yourself doing right now.

Right now, for me personally, there are three business streams that I am involved in, and all are growing rapidly. The group is growing. In the middle of it all I work a 9 to 5 job that I can genuinely say that I’m passionate about feel no compulsion to other than the fact that I enjoy it. And into the mix there is my family, my friends, my house…

Why do I do it all? Because I love what I do.

There are always going to be the times when circumstances require sacrifice, but outside of those times – you’ve just gotta make sure love what you do.

Life is to short not to.