Mastering the mundane

We’ve been using Labor Day weekend to do a bit of Fall Cleaning at home, a part involves finding old hard disks, checking them out, and backing them up. Somewhat fittingly, I stumbled across a note from a talk (I’m not 100% who gave it… If you know leave a comment) I heard 15 or more years ago.

Mastering the Mundane...

The opportunity of days, the grace of responsibility, the communion of meals, the unguardedness of sleep, the ceremony of washing, the discipline of study, the joy of routine, the possibility of decisions, the discovery of repetition, the revelation of conversation, the progress of travel, the enlargement of thinking, the observation of the ordinary, the potential of crowds, the wonder of monotony, the thankfulness of breath, the fruitfulness of waiting, the divinity of rest, and the satisfaction of work.

I live a pretty frenetic and busy life both activity-wise and mentally. Some of this is environmental, most of this is my own making, and almost all of it I love… But it’s important to be reminded to appreciate the simple and sometimes boring things too. I think most people who find themselves reading this could relate to that idea in some way.

To me, this is a beautiful list of the moments of peace and rest that are waiting to be captured on an average day.