Repeat after me - I am not ashamed of sales and marketing!

I find that people are often ashamed, almost embarrassed to talk about sales and marketing.

 “Yeah, we’re going OK, we’re actually… kind of, you know thinking about how to get better at marketing.” 


 “I’m thinking about personal branding… Nothing douchey or anything…” 

It’s mostly because both are done badly far more often then they are done well. Here’s a thought for all of you wanting/needing to improve their sales and/or marketing:

  1. Nothing happens until someone buys it. This can be a sale, or it can be the acceptance and adoption of an idea. People need to “buy it” before they can “own it”.

  2. A sale cannot happen until marketing has colored in the concept for the buyer.

Sales and marketing are a fact of business, and indeed a fact of life. If your business has collected any money whatsoever from a customer then you have already committed both the crime of sales and the crime of marketing.

Get used to it. Don’t be ashamed of it. Get better at it.