sales and marketing - the good, the bad, and the ugly

The good:

  • Introducing someone to something that genuinely serves a need that they have (marketing) and having them accept it on terms that are agreeable to both of you (sales).

  • Market and sell your thing with the attitude of wanting to serve your prospects. This makes ALL the difference.

  • Do all you can to add value at every touch.

  • Help people win. This makes all of the difference.

  • Listen to your customer. If you can’t do this then stop selling and hire someone who can.

  • Honor the prospect. Put yourself in their shoes. You can only do this if you listen.

  • Burn the deal if it’s in the client’s best interest. Integrity almost always cost something in the short terms but never fails to pay off in the long term.

  • Help your customers even if it’s not directly connected to a sale.

The bad:

  • Focus purely on closing.

  • Don’t listen (e.g. forgetting names, repeating questions which have already been answered, etc)

  • Don’t add value (i.e. gimme gimme gimme kthxbye)

The ugly:

  • Be inconsiderate of their needs (e.g. calling a family person during dinner time — or anytime after hours for that matter)

  • Sell them something they don’t really need

  • Never talk to them again once you’ve closed