start something. today.

My dad has a saying that I love:

 “You can’t steer a parked car” 

You sort of can… turning the wheel is a bit harder… But I digress – the point of the saying is that it’s MUCH easier to steer something once it has some degree of momentum.

I am going back through the 4-Hour Work Week at the moment. It’s a fantastic book, one that really catalyzed me into taking some risks and STARTING SOMETHING. But that was nearly 18 months ago. There have been some very good wins in that time, but the combination of a few fairly significant failures and a comfortable, fairly interesting, and challenging sales job have kinda dulled the motivation.

Until recently…

Here’s the thing… If you stop for a moment and take a look at how you spend your time… Are you doing what you WANT to be doing with the bulk of the waking hours of your life? I know I’m not – and I thoroughly enjoy my job (most of the time).

I’ve got a beautiful wife and an equally beautiful two year old who I spent a good chunk of this evening having pretend phone conversations with. What I WANT is to be able to share more adventures, more experiences, more time with them. Along with that, I WANT to invest my time and resource into research, inventions, philanthropy… That sort of thing.

A couple of key points I’m mulling over at the moment from the 4-Hour Work Week:

  1. If you aren’t doing what you WANT to be doing right now, why not?

  2. Does the mindset that keeps you doing something you don’t really want to do actually MAKE SENSE? Stress test it… Find out.

  3. If the reason for not cutting the leash is because of fear of the consequences should something go wrong, ask yourself this – “What is the worse thing that could possibly happen if this doesn’t work out?”. I broach this topic in this post.

  4. Then, have a think about what could go right…? If what you are thinking about doing worked… What would the consequence of that be…?

I’m officially putting myself on notice… Myself and a very good mate of mine are going to a Capital Raising Expo tomorrow, and I think I’m packing a pretty dangerous mindset to take in there…