the twitter pitch

Being able to succinctly define and communicate what your business does is important for two reasons…

  1. It helps you to define what the heck you’re actually DOING with all that time and energy (admit it – sometimes we all need a bit of help here), and

  2. In a world where the average person is exposed to 10,000 separate Calls To Action a day, it helps you wiggle your message in through the cracks.

How succinctly can you communicate your business to a potential customer? There is an expression in sales called the “elevator pitch” – You would use your elevator pitch if you found yourself in an elevator with a prospect (i.e. potential customer) with 60 seconds to pitch (i.e. present your value proposition and call them to action).

Here’s my elevator pitch for the Tall Poppy Group:

 We consult with our clients to help take their business or product to its full market potential by leveraging the Internet, technology and outsourcing. We also provide a range of services like web development, Internet marketing using social media and SEO, mobile app development, and more. If you like I can come and meet you when we have more time for a free consultation. 

Nice right? See the formula?

  • Benefits first.

  • Then features.

  • Then call to action.

Unfortunately, nowadays we don’t have 60 seconds to play with. We have 140 characters… So what does the pitch look like then?

Here are a few variations I just came up with

 “Get the WEB working for YOU. Websites, Internet marketing, Social media, SEO, etc. Free consult! Click to book” “Put the WEB to work for YOU. Websites, Internet marketing, Social media, SEO, etc. Free consult! Click to book” “We can make the Internet fetch you a latte, bake you muffins, and file your BAS. Book a free consult TODAY!” “We make the Internet your biatch. Get in touch.” « My favorite… It’d go great on a T-shirt at a conference. Not sure if it’s the image I want to project though. 

Similar formula, just a LOT shorter and a LOT more compelling. Remember – the goal is to define it, be succinct, and STAND OUT!